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Student Parking Information

Parking Assignments this year will be made prior to the school year for senior incentive students, followed by the rest of the senior class and then juniors.

All drivers will be assigned a numbered space. Spaces will be available all year long until the lots are full.
Senior Incentive sign-up will start August 14 at 7:45 am at the high school and run through August 18 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Senior sign-up will begin August 21 & 22 at 7:45 am, followed by junior sign-up on August 23, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parking applications may be picked up in the main office or on the Lower Dauphin High School Web page.

Parent must complete INFOSNAP information before a parking space will be issued. Find the INFOSNAP link on the main Lower Dauphin website at
In order to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for each and every person using our parking and thru-traffic facilities on our campus the following regulations will be in effect at all times:
  • Observe all traffic laws and right-of-way rules outlined in the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual and the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicles Code.
  • Observe 15 miles per hour speed limit.
  • Demonstrate safe and courteous driving behavior at all times.
  • Students must park in their assigned space only. All students must display an approved parking permit.
  • It is understood that parking violations could result in a $10 parking fine, suspension of school parking privileges, and/or any other appropriate disciplinary action.

The following forms must be completed before a student may park on campus: