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    INDOOR DRUMLINE 2019 -  Rehearsals have started!  Registration is required by November 15, and fees are due December 12. The LD Percussion Spirit Wear online store is open until December 2 
    See the "LD Indoor Drumline" page for more info...
    FUN PASTA SALE -  Orders and payment must be in by Friday, November 16.  Please pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER only made out to "LDBB." Order forms will be available in the Band Room.  We also have online ordering, but if the student wants credit for the order, they must make sure the buyer chooses the student or puts the student's name in the comments section. Online pasta orders will be shipped to the buyer's home address but will include shipping charges. For items ranging in price from $6-$8, students will get a $2 each profit.  For items $14-$15, students earn $4.  For the $22.50 items, they get $7.  For the $30 items, they get $9.  Pick up is scheduled for December 5, but watch for email updates.  Contact Bobbi Rodemaker with questions at dnbrod0310@yahoo.com.                     Fun Pasta Website         Fun Pasta Brochure & Order Form PDF
    CITRUS SALE - Fruit will be coming from Florida Indian River Groves.  Delivery date to be determined - watch for email updates.  Contact Mary Yohn with questions at maryyohn@comcast.net.                           Citrus Order Form & Brochure
    FLORIDA TRIP -  If your HS band student is interested in participating in this trip and you missed the parent meeting, please see the "Orlando" tab on Mr. Richardson's Band page of the LDHS website:  "Orlando" Florida Trip Info.  The second payment of $350 is due November 15 All adults attending must have school clearances!  Please use the payment coupons below and make checks out to "LDBB."  Contact Treasurer Susan Seacord at sudewsea@gmail.com with questions about payments or to check your band account balance.
    CHAPERONE CLEARANCES - Parents interested in chaperoning football games or band trips, or helping with band events that would put them in contact with students, must submit clearances to the LD School District and wear a district-provided Volunteer Badge.  Visit the District website for details.
    PAYMENTS Please make payments to the Band Boosters in the form of CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS so that they are traceable and more secure.  The Boosters cannot accept cash payments.  Payments should be placed in an envelope marked with the student’s name and what it is for.  Make checks payable to LDBB and include the order form if necessary.  Place the envelopes in the locked filing cabinet in the HS Band Room. Contact Treasurer Susan Seacord at sudewsea@gmail.com with questions or to check your Student Account Balance.
    BOOSTER MEETINGS -  Booster meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each month, though they may switch to Mondays or Wednesdays in winter to line up with Indoor Drumline practices.  Our next Booster Meeting will be Tuesday, December 11, at 6:15 PM.  We are changing the normal time to try to make it more convenient for parents.  Meetings are open to the public, and all band parents are encouraged to attend.  Minutes from previous meetings are posted on this website. 
    OPEN BOOSTER POSITIONS - The following positions will be up for re-election in spring 2019:  1st Vice President (Equipment), Band Manger, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Please contact us if interested.

    BOOSTER CO-BAND MANAGER NEEDED - The Boosters need someone to shadow the current Band Managers and prepare to take over this position at the end of the school year.  We have one parent willing to serve but need someone to help her!  Band Managers are important since their main responsibility is feed our kids during band camp and before football games and indoor drumline performances.  They also help organize food for large fundraising events like ACC's and Falconland.  You do NOT have to cook all the food yourself!  What you need to do is prepare menus, make lists and do the shopping (with a booster-provided debit card), track donations, and organize volunteers to prepare and serve the food.  We have a large notebook full of lists, instructions and tips to help you and will provide the support you need.  Normally terms are 2 years, but this would be a 1 year term with the option for re-election.  You would start in May and would also serve as part of the Booster Executive Committee.  Please consider giving your valuable time and skills to help our students!  Contact the Co-Band Managers at comanagersldbb@gmail.com for more info.

    CONTACT You can email the Band Booster Secretary at ldbbsecretary@gmail.com.


      The Lower Dauphin Band Boosters' mission is to support our bands...our musicians...and the talented musical faculty that guides them through their musicianship and performance events. 

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