Overview of Outdoor Education


    What is Outdoor Education?

    Outdoor Education is a learning experience that utilizes the natural outdoor setting as a laboratory.  Children will study first hand the natural sciences and the conservation of natural resources.


    What form will the Conewago-Londonderry Program take?

    Our program will be a resident type program with the children leaving from school on a Monday morning and returning to school Friday afternoon.


    Why go outdoors?

    How did you learn that fire is hot?  Did you first understand how hot the stove was by listening to your mother’s warnings or did you get the real meaning of the term “hot” only after you touched it?

    Some of the subjects to be studied are:  animal life, trees and plants, rocks, water, and conservation.  Direct contact with the natural setting promotes student involvement and “learning by doing.”


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a walk in the woods can be worth a thousand pictures of a woodland. 


    What are the goals of the school’s Outdoor Education Program?

    The Outdoor Education Program has numerous goals.  Three of the major objectives are:


    1. To provide the children first hand contact with the principle of natural science.  Throughout the program an emphasis will be placed on conservation and man’s relationship with nature.  It is an opportunity to gain an appreciation of the beauty of nature and to understand the seriousness of the problem of pollution in our natural environment.
    2. To provide an opportunity for practical application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.  This includes areas of Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, Music, Art, and Physical Education, in addition to Science.
    3. To provide an opportunity for children to live, plan, work, and share responsibility together.  Children will be encouraged to become self-reliant in this setting away from home and will be expected to practice good citizenship in a democratic community of peers.  All children will be expected to carry out duties in the cabins, dining hall, and on the campgrounds.
Last Modified on June 18, 2009