Lower Dauphin

Middle School

Welcome to the Lower Dauphin Middle School's home on the world wide web. My name is Dan Berra and this will be my ninth year as principal at Lower Dauphin Middle School and 14th year as a member of the Lower Dauphin team.
I am excited about the opportunity to work with the outstanding students and excellent staff at the middle school and build upon past successes.
I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree. I also hold a Master of Education degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Penn State.
Our educational philosophy here in Lower Dauphin can be described as follows: a quality middle level education program is designed to inspire in students an enthusiasm for learning through a partnership with the school, parents, and community. This enthusiasm can be achieved by providing a dynamic educational program that maintains high expectations with a focus on personal growth and responsible citizenship.
The individual unique intelligences, talents, and needs of students must be identified and addressed throughout the instructional program. Specific learning styles must be identified and addressed in instruction and assessment. Educational opportunities and experiences, which challenge and empower students, must be made available to all on their individual level. While delivering the curriculum, connections must also be made to previously learned material as well as bridges to real-life applications.
The students at the middle level should be viewed as developing adolescents, and activities should be planned which are developmentally appropriate. At all times individuals involved in the middle level program are to be treated with dignity and respect.
Organizing, delivering, and assessing the program described above is a challenge. I believe through teamwork, communication, and diligence such a program can be implemented. When this is accomplished, students will value their experience, commit to their learning, enhance their environment, and grow as individuals.
I look forward to meeting our new students and parents, and I am also looking forward to working with our existing school community in the coming year. Please contact me if you have any questions about the middle school program at 566-5310 or via e-mail at dberra@ldsd.org
I encourage all parents to remain involved with their children as they attend school at the middle level. I also encourage you to set high but attainable goals as we enter a new school year.