• All paraeducators working in special education are required to have 20 hours of annual training. These hours are NOT recorded on your timesheet, but you will be paid at the $10/hr. training rate for your time.

    If you do not hold an Associate’s Degree or higher (or 24+ credits of post-secondary education), you must focus your initial 20 hours on earning the Credential of Competency through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. For the training videos, click on this link: https://pattan.framewelder.com (click on Training Series at top, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and choose Credential of Competency Training Series).

    All training sessions you take should pertain to your daily job in the classroom.


    2018-19 Schedule (4-6pm @DAC, unless noted)
    Date Day Topic Presenters



    Opening day- Paras How To's and Gretchen Sortzi, inspirational speaker

    High School, Room 302

    Dan Berra, Carron Wolf, Angela Hepner, Gretchen Sortzi
    9/13/18 Thurs. Supporting Behaviorally and Emotionally Challenged Students Johnathon Breininger, Josh Lininger
    10/10/18 Wed. How to Support ELA/Writing Assignments Cathleen Klassen and Julie Grierson

    Date Change


    Tues. Motivating the Unmotivated Jaime MacLeod
    12/13/18 Thurs. FERPA 201  Frank Miller, Family Compliance Office, DOE
    1/16/19 Wed. Students and Poverty Gary Messinger, Steve Schoessler
    2/5/19 Tues. Math Changes and Instructional Tutorials Carmen Dickerson
    3/7/19 Thurs. Scaffolding Instruction Shannon Bastian
    4/10/19 Wed.

    View video and review in-class (?)

    South Hanover Library

    Ann Panchik, Sue Bettendorf
    5/7/19 Tues. First Aid/CPR Mary Smith


    Other avenues for training are listed in the table below. Refer to this table to learn how to register, earn training credit, and receive payment for your time.




    Credit and Payment


    PaTTAN website


    email or pony completion certificate to Carron Wolf


    or all PaTTAN videos for paraeducators


    email or pony completion certificate to Carron Wolf

    SafeSchools (see approved list below table)

    SafeSchools website

    contact Jodi VanWinkle

    email or pony completion certificate to Carron Wolf

    All others (workshops not otherwise listed)


    Required Pre-Approval form

    send Training Report Form to Carron Wolf (email or pony)

    Approved SafeSchools sessions

    Please contact Carron Wolf at cwolf@ldsd.org or at ext. 1017 (717-566-5317) with any questions.