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    Lower Dauphin recognizes and encourages the selection and use of parents, community members, and others as volunteers to assist and supplement currently employed Lower Dauphin staff. The basic requirement of volunteer service shall be an interest in the educational program, enjoyment in helping children, and a sincere belief that by volunteering, a contribution will be made to the learning process.

    As per School Board Policy 916, the following procedures have been enacted across Lower Dauphin School District to help maintain the integrity and safety of our students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade.
    Therefore, any volunteer who will be supervising students for more than five hours throughout the school year will need to submit the following clearances: Act 34 Criminal History Report and an Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance.
    Once received by the volunteer, these clearances must be sent to the district office and will be placed on file in the Personnel Office of the school district prior to the start of their volunteer service. Volunteers will be able to submit for reimbursement of the cost of the Act 34 and 151 clearances when they present the certificates to the school and upon the completion of five hours of volunteer service or evidence of financial hardship. The building principal or designee shall approve volunteers; a record of their names and a brief description of the service performed shall be maintained in the building level files for a period of six (6) years. What this means is once a volunteer completes this paperwork, he/she will not need to renew his/her clearances for 6 years.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in regards to this policy. We believe this policy will be of great benefit and value to ensure the safety of our students.

    More information and downloadable forms regarding the Act 151 Clearance (Child Abuse History Clearance) and Act 34 (Criminal Background Check) can be found at the following websites:


    Act 151 can be found at:

    Act 34 can be found at: 
    If you have trouble accessing this information online, please call the district personnel office at 717-566-5303.
Last Modified on February 20, 2015