• Raising a Thinking Child

    What do you say when you child won’t listen to you?

    One of the most difficult problems facing parents of young children lies in providing effective discipline. We offer the national program, Raising a Thinking Child, as a potential solution to those difficulties.

    Designed for parents of children ages 3-7, the program teaches parents four important skills that can help to:

    • Increase their awareness that their child's point of view might differ from their own;
    • Help them recognize that there is more than one way to solve a problem;
    • Increase their understanding that thinking about what is happening may, in the long run, be more beneficial than immediate action to stop the behavior; and
    • Learn skills to help their children how to resolve everyday conflicts and get along with others.

    Since April 2004, we have offered 13 sessions throughout the school district for 146 parents. In surveying them after completion of the program, we found that many parents developed a greater awareness of the problems facing their children and many reported learning positive ways to support their children.

    Difficulties at home and an inability to solve problems are often warning signs that a young child may develop problem behaviors as an adolescent.

    Funding Opportunities

    The cost to operate this program is $1,500 per year. Previous funding partners have included Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services, Inc.

    For more information about the program, please contact Kathy Peffer, Program Director, at 566-6096. .



    “This program taught us how to include our children’s feelings and talk nicer to our kids so they talk nicer to us. The childcare was great – kids love it – it’s almost like we’re on a date!” —Parent

    “I learned skills on how to help my children become good problem solvers and how to encourage them to solve problems on their own.” —Parent