All residents of the Lower Dauphin School District are entitled to use Books on Board services free of charge. Preschoolers must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver.
    The bookmobile will be at each stop every two weeks for 45 minutes. If you are unable to return materials by the due date, please drop them off at any Lower Dauphin elementary school or at the Hummelstown Community Library.
    During the school year, the bookmobile will run on days that Lower Dauphin School District is in session. In case of inclement weather, please follow Lower Dauphin School District schedule. Cancellations will also be posted our Web site.
    If the bookmobile experiences mechanical problems and is unable to run as scheduled, all items due will be automatically renewed for the patron's convenience.
    If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact Kathy Peffer, Program Director, at 717-433-8110.

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    Trip 1- Tuesday
    9:30-10:15 am - Conewago
    Beiler Farm
    (4356 N. Colebrook Road - off Route 743)
    10:30-11:15 am - Conewago
    Conewago Church of the Brethren
    (7035 Schoolhouse Road, Hershey) 
    11:30-12:15 pm - Conewago
    Conewago Township Building
    (3279 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown) 
    12:45-1:30 pm - Conewago
    The Hills of Waterford (by playground)

    Trip 2- Wednesday
    9:30-10:15 am - Londonderry
    Fountain of Life Church
    (Newberry & Lauffer Roads)
    10:30-11:15 am - Londonderry
    Crestview Village (by mailboxes)
    11:30-12:15 pm - Londonderry
    Cedar Manor
    (Michael Street & Rim Road, Elizabethtown)
    12:45-1:30 pm - Londonderry
    Geyers United Methodist Church
    (1605 S. Geyers Church Road, Middletown) 
    Trip 3 - Thursday
    9:30-10:15 am - Hummelstown
    Zion Lutheran Church
    (Main/Rosanna Streets, Hummelstown) 
    10:30-11:15 am - South Hanover
    Greenbriar Park (by playground)
    (Parkside Drive/Grandview Road, Hummelstown)
    11:30-12:15 pm - South Hanover
    The Reserves
    (Goldfinch Lane/Oriole Court, Hummelstown)
    12:45-1:30 pm - South Hanover
    Southern Meadows Development
    (Blue Jay Way/Meadowlark Lane, Hummelstown)
    Trip 4 - Tuesday
    9:15-10:00 am - Hummelstown
    Grace United Methodist Church
    (433 E. Main Street, Hummelstown)
    10:30-11:15 am - East Hanover
    Bow Creek Development
    (Creek View Dr./Stoneford Lane, Palmyra)
     11:30-12:30 pm - East Hanover
    East Hanover Township Building
    (8848 Jonestown Road, Grantville) 
    12:45-1:30 pm - East Hanover
    Meadowcreek Development
    (Timber Ridge Rd./Crabapple Court)
    Trip 5 - Wednesday
    9:30-10:15 am - South Hanover
    South Hanover Township Complex
    (161 Patriot Way, Hershey) 
    10:30-11:15 am - South Hanover
    Greenbriar Meadows Development
    (Brinser Road/Cooper Road, Hummelstown)
    11:30-12:15 pm - East Hanover
    Bow Creek Development
    (Creek View Dr./Stoneford Lane, Palmyra)
    12:45-1:30 pm - East Hanover
    Chesapeake Estates
    (by playground)
    Trip 6 - Thursday
    9:30-10:15 am - Londonderry
    Doc's Family Fun Center
    (1733 E. Harrisburg Pike, Middletown) 
    10:30-11:15 am - Hummelstown
    Grace United Methodist Church
    (433 E. Main Street, Hummelstown - by playground) 
    11:30-12:15 pm - Hummelstown
    Mehaffie Park
    (High Street/Runyon Road, Hummelstown - by playground)
    12:45-1:30 pm - Hummelstown
    Graystone Development
    (by playground)