The Lower Dauphin School District welcomes and appreciates the donation of computer equipment that meet the general requirements as listed below.  However, due to licensing requirements the District cannot accept the donation of software.  Some computer systems and other devices may not be accepted due to projected costs of servicing the donated equipment.
    General Guidelines:  In general, no computers older than five years will be accepted.  All computers must be in working condition.  Specific minimum specifications are reviewed and set by the Technology Director on a yearly basis.  We do not accept the donation of ink jet printers. Other types of computer equipment will be evaluated by the Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum and the Technology Director to make sure that the equipment will be appropriately used and supported.  Please contact the Technology Director for further information.
    Donated equipment will be configured by the Department of Technology Resources before they may be used in any building.  All computer systems will be completely reloaded in order to ensure deletion of personal records. 
    The District will make all decisions on placement of donated equipment.  Please contact us to arrange your donation.  All equipment should be delivered to the District Administration Center for initial processing.  After initial processing, determination of placement will be made based on building and district needs as determined by the Department of Technology Resources in collaboration with the Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum. 
    Lower Dauphin School District does not provide disposal services of computer equipment.  Please contact your local government offices for methods of disposal.