Lower Dauphin

School District

    • Section 680 of the Public School Code requires notice to residents of their responsibility to advise tax collectors concerning their residency.   The following notice shall be advertised as required by law:


      To all residents of the Lower Dauphin School District over the age of eighteen (18) years and/or residents recently becoming inhabitants of the Lower Dauphin School District - The Public School Code provides that "(b) Every resident or inhabitant in any school district, upon attaining eighteen years of age, and every person eighteen years of age or over becoming a resident or inhabitant in any school district, shall within twelve months after the happening thereof, notify the proper assessors of his becoming of age or becoming a resident or inhabitant.  Any person failing, within said period, to notify the assessors of the school district within which he resides, shall, in addition to the tax levied by such school district, be liable to such school district in a penal sum equal to such tax."

      Residents may report to the Lower Dauphin School District Tax Office - Phone:  566-5300 or to the School District Tax Collectors:

      Conewago Township 
      Philip Tumminia717-298-1548
      East Hanover Township 
      Loria Smith717-469-1048
      Hummelstown Borough 

      Angela Durantine

      Londonderry Township 
      Loren Bowen717-944-2842
      South Hanover Township 
      Tracy Cooper717-566-0224