• Learning Focused Lessons Rubric
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    Lesson Focus
    As a Question
    States and displays the lesson focus as a question. Students consistently answer at end of the lesson.
    States the lesson focus as a question, but not displayed; Students usually answer at end of lesson.
    Implies lesson focus; Sometimes has question but students rarely answer.
    Activating Strategies
    Activates prior knowledge through discussion/questioning and uses graphic organizers or other activating strategies to involve students.
    Activates prior knowledge solely through student use of graphic organizer or activating strategy.
    Activates prior knowledge only by discussion.
    Vocabulary Development
    Engages students in word study. Introduces key vocabulary prior to lesson. Utilizes research-based vocabulary strategies. Reinforces vocabulary in context before, during, and after the lesson.
    Engages students in word study. Introduces key vocabulary prior to lesson. Vocabulary mostly in context during the lesson.
    Verbally introduces vocabulary. Students rarely use research-based vocabulary strategies.
    Cognitive Teaching Strategies
    Consistently utilizes learning-focused cognitive teaching strategies (i.e., distributed practice, distributed summarizing, collaborative pairs, etc.). Students use graphic organizers to read, write and study.
    Utilizes learning-focused cognitive teaching strategies occasionally.
    Uses teacher-directed strategies with little learner involvement in strategies.
    Summarizing Strageties
    Requires students to summarize learning throughout lesson and at end. Teacher gathers evidence of student learning at end of lessons.
    Requires students to summarize learning through large group discussion and questions.
    Teacher summarizes lessons with some to no student involvement.
    Extending Thinking
    Evidence that students consistently asked to extend learning through higher level thinking skills. Units have 2-5 extending thinking activities.
    Evidence that students randomly asked to extend thinking. Minimally 1 time per unit.
    Evidence that students rarely asked to extend thinking.