• The Lower Dauphin School District uses a system called School Messenger to deliver important information to our stakeholders via phone call, SMS/text, and e-mail.  This information, including weather and emergency communications, will be sent  on a best effort basis.  In order to take advantage of the School Messenger system we recommend that you create an account using the Contact Manager website, as described below. 

    After you create your account you will need to maintain the contact information that you list within the system to ensure that it is up-to-date.  Please note that the information stored within School Messenger is controlled by you, the account holder.  While the District will update primary phone numbers that are used to contact you with extremely urgent / emergency situations, the remainder of the contact information that you place into the system is NOT updated by LD. 

    If you need your student's activation code for School Messenger please contact your student's building for assistance.  For general assistance with the School Messenger platform contact LD's technology helpdesk either via email (chelp@ldsd.org) or call (717) 566-5392.


    Initial Setup of School Messenger:

    1. Enter the following URL into your web browser:  https://contactme.schoolmessenger.com
    2. Click the Sign Up Now link near the bottom of the page.

    3. Enter a valid email address, a password, and your name in the provided fields. You will use your email address and the password you enter here to sign into the Contact Manager.
    4. When you have finished entering your information, click Create Account.

    5. Log into your School Messenger account.
    6. Add your student(s) to your account.
      1. Click the "Click Here to Begin" button on the main page.
      2. Enter your student’s student ID and Activation Code (if you do not have one, please call your student's building to obtain the information).
      3. If you have more than one student select Yes when prompted "Would you like to add another contact" and repeat step B.  Otherwise select No.


    Adding / Updating Contact Information

    1. Click on the Contacts tab.
    2. Click on Edit next to each student's name (pencil icon located under the Action column to the right of each student's name).
    3. Next to each phone number is a set of columns that contain check boxes for each notification type that the District may use (as shown below).  Notification types include Emergency, Non-school Hours Emergency, Weather Alerts, Attendance, General, and Survey.
      1. Check / uncheck the appropriate boxes next to each phone number to choose which contacts will be used when an emergency, non-school hours emergency, weather alert,  attendance notification, general message, or survey is activated by the district.  You can add your own custom phone numbers in blank boxes under the Phone column.  For example, in the picture below Phone 10 would be used for emergencies and attendance, Phone 11 would be used for non-school hours emergencies, and Phone 12 would be used for emergencies and weather alerts.

        Messenger Window
      2. Check / uncheck the appropriate boxes next to each e-mail address to choose which contacts will be sent an e-mail message in an emergency situation, non-school hours emergency situation, weather alert, general notification, or survey is activated.  You can add your own custom e-mail addresses in the blank boxes under the Email Contact Type column. 
      3. Add your SMS / Text phone number(s) under the Text (Mobile) section at the bottom of the contact page.  Remember to check / uncheck the appropriate boxes next to each contact number to receive a text message when the designated message type is sent.
    4. Click Save.

    Remember to update your information in School Messenger Contact Manager and let your student's building office know whenever your contact information changes.


Last Modified on February 27, 2018