• LDHS One-to-One

    For all students to be successful, it is our commitment to provide customized educational opportunities and quality instruction that promote creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in a safe, supportive environment. Our graduates will take their place in a global society as productive and responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

    Lower Dauphin High School is preparing our students to live and work in a 21st Century world by providing students and teachers with the technology tools and skills necessary to integrate technology into daily instructional practices and to enhance customized student learning.


    What is One-to-One Computing?

    One-to-One Computing is a concept where every student has 24/7 access to the same laptop computer for use in every class and at home. The student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for that computer. Through this program, teachers will be able to work with students in different ways and with different expectations than in the past. Students will expand their sources of research, find meaningful real world assignments, seek out legitimate digital information to solve real world problems, and collaborate with their peers, teachers, and subject area experts in new ways.


    Goals and Objectives of LDHS One-to-One Program

    Lower Dauphin School District’s One-to-One computer initiative will integrate technology in the classroom to:

    • Promote student engagement and enthusiasm for learning.
    • Make resources available both in and outside of school for learning.
    • Expand self-paced student learning opportunities.
    • Use collaborative platforms and strategies to share ideas and to learn.
    • Provide students access to information, along with the opportunity to connect it to curriculum in a meaningful manner.
    • Engage students in authentic real-world activities and projects.
    • Encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
    • Nurture a sense of responsibility and 21st century digital citizenship.
    • Prepare students for success after graduation.