• English
    Our English department offers traditional English courses, as well as Advanced Placement English for juniors and seniors. Most gifted students choose to participate in our four-year honors English program, designed specifically for the academic needs of these students. Students who elect to take any of three courses focused on publication production and design are directly involved in producing our monthly school newspaper, our semi-annual literary magazine and our yearbook. Each of our English teachers encourages students to participate in writing and oratorical competitions. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the Susquehanna University Apprentice Writers' Program. Our Thespian Troupe presents a fall play each year. English tutoring is available every week after school.
    Our math courses range from Applied Math and Consumer Math for general level students through Calculus for honors students. Students can also elect to take Computer Programming, Advanced Placement Calculus, Advanced Placement Computer Sciences, and Advanced Placement Statistics. Our math department strongly encourages familiarity with the newest technology for calculation and graphing, and we have several class sets of graphing calculators available for student use. Math tutoring is available every week after school. Many teachers are also willing to help students on their own time before or after school and during study halls.


    Earth and Space Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are our core science offerings. Inquiry-based investigations are a part of each required course. Students also take a class to meet the Environment and Ecology standards. Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science are offered as electives. Our High School Science Department offers other opportunities for students to enrich their science education through participation in such activities as the Science Olympiad, Envirothon, and National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Assistance is offered to students who wish to do research and compete in the PA Junior Academy of Sciences and the Capital Area Science Fair. An Investigating Health Careers program, through which 10 juniors and 10 seniors are given the opportunity each year to examine health careers at the Hershey Medical Center, is another opportunity for students.

    Social Studies
    Our social studies curriculum includes Geography, Humanities, United States History, and American Government/Economics for students in grades nine through 12. Advanced Placement courses are offered in European History, United States History, United States Government and Politics, and Psychology. As in our science program, social studies can take advantage of many enriching programs outside the classroom, including the Harrisburg Magnet School-Center for Youth Leadership in Law and Government and various Governmental Youth Leadership programs in Washington, D.C.

    Foreign Language
    Our foreign language department offers four-year courses in Spanish, French, German, and Latin. A two-year study of the Japanese language is available to gifted students. Our foreign language staff stresses a modern approach to learning a foreign language, including conversation and varied activities in the classroom. The fourth year course for each of the four languages is an Advanced Placement offering.

    Concluding our sequential K-12 music curriculum, our High School offers students a wealth of opportunities in performance, theatre, and ensemble repertoire. Music courses focus on major musical periods, characteristics of sound and tone color, fundamentals of music, music reading, musical theatre and music performance. Special features of our music program include performance ensembles for all levels, exposure to major composers and their works through performance, and selected festival opportunities for advanced students. Our marching band, concert band, stage band, indoor percussion line, concert choir, chorus and orchestra perform two times during the year. There is an active chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

    Our K-12 sequential art program includes a variety of electives at the high school level designed to address many intersts and skill levels. Courses in pottery, black & white photography, fine art and computer art/digital photography all require the entry-level course Foundations of Art. Other electives include Multicultural Art, for those students with art interests but limited skills, and AP Art History. Our art students have consistently won awards regionally, state-wide, and nationally, with a significant number continuing to study art after high school. We are proud to have an active chapter of the National Art Honor Society.

    Family and Consumer Science
    Our family and consumer science offerings are designed to give students a combination of nonacademic, practical skills to succeed as mature adults. Our Personal Development course gives students a general overview of clothing and grooming, foods, crafts, and adolescent development. Food and Nutrition is an in-depth study of nutrition, meal planning and budgeting. Marriage and the Family is designed to guide young people toward a successful and satisfying family life. And, Independent Living covers a variety of topics that help develop a self-sufficient individual.

    Business Education
    The main thrust of our business education program is computer education. Students can take courses in Computer Applications. The department also provides an Accounting Program, as well as, a Microsoft Office user system sequence. Software packages include WordPerfect and Microsoft Office, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. Business Law In Our Society is an elective course designed to offer students a look at our legal system and the laws relating to businesses.

    Technology Education
    Our laboratory-centered, hands-on technology education program gives our students the skills needed to use and apply current technology. In our Transportation/Power Technology courses, students study gasoline engines, electricity and electronics, robotics, hydraulics, and pneumatics with hands-on experiences and problem-solving activities. Communication Technology courses introduce students to five basic communications systems: computers, technical design, optic systems, graphic production and video systems. In Production Technology courses, students operate a manufacturing enterprise, and mass produce a product for sale. Students also study planning, building and servicing a construction project. The department also offers a CISCO Networking program.

    Career Exploration & Career Education
    All tenth-graders take a semester-long Career Explorations course that introduces them to a variety of careers offered in today’s job market. Students assess their own skills, aptitudes, interests, and lifestyle choices and learn the process of applying for a job through a practical job search. Other career-based opportunities include several cooperative education/business internship courses during which students can pursue work-study; a communications course that gives students experience writing, reporting, filming, and producing news stories; and career-based independent studies.

    Advanced Placement
    Advanced Placement courses are offered in Art History, English Literature and Composition, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Calculus, Computer Science, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Studies, US History, European History, Psychology, and US Government and Politics.