• Due to changes in state law in January (Act 153) and June (Act 15) 2015, volunteers who have “direct contact” with Lower Dauphin students will be required to have updated background checks as of July 1, 2016.

    • Returning Volunteers:  You are only considered a Returning Volunteer if you have an approved Volunteer badge with a valid expiration date.
    • New Volunteers:  You will be required to follow the new guidelines immediately.

    Upon successfully presenting the required documents above, volunteers will be issued a Lower Dauphin approved “Volunteer” badge that should be worn at all times while volunteering. This badge will have an expiration date, which will indicate the date an individual will be required to present new clearances to the District Office in order to continue volunteering. As required by the state’s new Child Protective Services Law, all individuals who do not provide the District with up-to-date clearances will not be permitted to volunteer.

    Volunteers are responsible for any costs associated with the clearances and all clearances can be completed online (the cost of the state clearances are currently free for volunteers). Assistance in applying for these online clearances is available at the District Office for those who do not have access to a computer.

    “We encourage the Lower Dauphin School District community to participate in education of our students by sharing their time and talents in the classroom, helping staff behind the scenes and becoming involved in various school activities” said Superintendent Sherri Smith. “It is our goal to make this process as painless as possible to not discourage volunteers. The presence of volunteers in our schools sends a message to our students that shows our community cares about each child’s education.” 

    Last Updated on 09/19/2016